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By learning common properties of object classes from datasets of examples, the sites/projects explore how class-specific information can help to solve problems in image synthesis (Computer Graphics), image analysis (Computer Vision) and 3D shape processing. The work is based on a vector space representation of 3D shapes (Morphable Model). In graphics, learning from examples is becoming more and more relevant as the development of new rendering technology supports the creation of increasingly complex virtual scenes. In Computer Vision, learning-based methods provide general-purpose solutions, yet still adapt to the empirical properties and intrinsic structures of the problem during training. Below, we list a selection of projects from the past that illustrate the range of problems that we are interested in.

Computer Graphics   Computer Vision  
3D Shape Reconstruction and Manipulation Inverse Lighting  
Facial Animation Model-Based Face Recognition  
Exchanging Faces in Images Preprocessing for View-Based Systems  
    Component-Based Recognition  
  Medical Shape Processing   Human Visual Perception  
Occlusal Surfaces of Molar Teeth Aftereffects in Perception of Faces  
Growth of Babies      
  Media / Art      
Colour Management  
Minerva Alive      
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