[ Growth of Babies ]
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  Growth of Babies  
  In Collaboration with:  
  M. Breidt and H. H. Bülthoff, MPI Tübingen  
  M. Krimmel and T. Schmiedeberg, Klinik und Poliklinik für Mund-, Kiefer und Gesichtschirurgie, Tübingen.  
  The goal of this project is to learn from 3D scans of babies how the face grows in the first months of development. The project builds upon technology developed by the partners to register and analyze 3D face scans. In particular, this technology establishes point-to-point correspondence, and completes missing surface regions in a model-based way.  
  The figure below shows an avarage baby face. The coloured regions are estimated by our software, while the black-and-white regions of the face are predominantly based on measured surface data.  

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