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Media / Art      
  Colour Management. Video-Installation, 2001.  
  With Herbert Wentscher, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.  
  Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the face of the artist (center) transforms continuously into his asian (left) or african (right) counterpart. This counterpart is not just a new person, but a synthetic version of his own face with everything changed that is specific to ethnicity, but everything retained that sets him apart from the average male white. Is it the same person still, or another, and how could it be another if we didn't see him change?  
  The technology behind this work is an average caucasian (white), asian and african face generated from 3D scans. The average faces and all original faces can be thought of as points in a high-dimensional Face Space. Differences between ethinc averages describe what is typical to ethnicity. Adding them to a face affects only the perceived ethnicity, yet leaves all unrelated features unchanged.  
  The virtual experiment of Colour Management reduces ethnicity to a controlled parameter at the disposal of Facial Engineering.  
  Quicktime movie (2.4MB)  

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