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  Minerva Alive. In collaboration with the partners of the vihap3d project.  
  Minerva of Arezzo is a greek bronze statue that was discovered in Arezzo in 1541. Currently, it is restored by the Archeological Restoration Center, Florence, Italy.  
  From two photographs and a 3D scan, we brought the scultpure of Minerva back to life. After automatically registering the images and the scan with the Morphable Model of 3D Faces, we transferred mouth movements that were learned from a human subject to the 3D model of Minerva. Drawing the result back into the images, Minerva speaks in the original photograph.  
  Since our approach provides point-to-point correspondence between all 3D faces, we can transfer the surface colors (texture) of any person in a scan or an image to Minerva.  
Minerva with Skin Texture Minerva Speaking
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